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Alliance for Lung Cancer Excellence

A Multispecialty Program of Excellence in Lung Cancer using a Virtual Clinic Model


  • Saves time 

          – Avoids delays over multiple appointments 

          – Multiple opinions rendered simultaneously

  • Lowers cost 

         – All practitioners review the same single set of data in a short period of time 

         – All agree on diagnostic plan 

         – Avoid multiple serial repeat tests 

         – Avoid unnecessary testing: consensus 

  • Improves quality and access 

         – Multiple specialties simultaneously available 

         – Improves interpretation of tests and communication of conclusions and opinions 

         – Allows for immediate follow up and clarifying questions among physicians 

  • Improves patient satisfaction 

         – Common clinical forms used by all providers – fill out one time 

         – Fewer “sleepless nights” waiting 

         – Faster time from abnormal finding to diagnosis to treatment 

         – Evaluation and diagnosis obtained with fewer tests 

  • Improves Quality of Care

         – Evaluation and management protocols state of the art and reevaluated frequently 

         – Outcomes tracked and reported

  • Improves clinical trial recruitment