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Every person who is referred for lung cancer treatment receives personalized care from an expert disease management team. The team is made up of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who are focused on cancers of the chest. Specialists representing the full range of approaches for treating lung cancer work together to design and implement a treatment plan that is tailored to your individual needs. Receiving care from a team of experts in surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, personalized medicine, and quality-of-life issues ensures that you receive the combination of therapies that will most effectively address your condition and provide you the best chance of success.

Because we are engaged in research, we are aware of the latest scientific discoveries and medical advances. We are also constantly testing new ways to fight lung cancer. This means that our patients have access to clinical trials of new treatment options that are not available in most other hospitals.

If participating in a clinical trial could be right for you, your doctor may offer you the opportunity to join oneas part of your plan of care.

Learn more about our approach to diagnosing and treating lung cancer.

Diagnosis & Staging

Our physicians are experts in analyzing biopsies, imaging data, and other information to assess your disease and develop a personalized treatment plan.


Our experienced team of thoracicsurgeons uses minimally invasive approaches whenever possible.

Chemotherapy for Small Cell LungCancer

Our medical oncologists use the most sophisticated approaches to treat small cell lung cancer, including clinical trials of new therapies and drug combinations.

Chemotherapy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Our highly experienced medical oncologists give chemotherapy to many patients with non-small cell lung cancer, either before or after surgery.

Personalized Medicine

Our diagnostic tests include genetic testing of non-small cell lung tumors as a routine part of the diagnosis andstaging process.

Radiation Therapy

We use the most-advanced technologies to deliver powerful doses of radiation directly to the tumor.

Interventional Radiology 

For patients who cannot have surgery, we offer minimally invasive techniques to help reduce pain and improve quality of life.


Our team of physical and occupational therapists will help you manage side effects during and after treatment.

Follow-Up Care

After your treatment, specialists in our Survivorship Program will monitor you for signs of cancer recurrence and help manage any side effects that arise.

Lung Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment